Boat Repairs

When you own an aluminum boat, you might think it's impervious damage. True, aluminum boats are strong, especially compared to the other boating materials, but they are by no means invincible. Even the strongest boats need maintenance, and even and aluminum boat can be damaged enough to need repairs. If you are looking for a CNY boat repair company that will give your fiberglass or aluminum boat the care it needs and deserves, ensuring your investment is protected, Northside Collision Center is the place for you. Our Cicero location for boat repair shop is equipped to deal with even the worst boating accidents and storm damage, and we will make sure your boat is fixed up and on the water in no time.

Boating accidents range from mild to severe to catastrophic, and we have seen them all. We know how important your boat is to you, regardless of how beat up it may be when it gets to us, and that's why we put as much care as possible into our boat repairs, ensuring that when you get it back, as good as new.